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The price of precious yellow metal is on a constant increase for the last few days. The rates fluctuate by Rs 10 per 10 grams usually, however, it took a Rs 190 jump on January 2. The 22-carat gold now comes at Rs 49,060 per 10 grams, while 24-carat of the same quantity can be purchased at Rs 53,510.

The price for the yellow metal from all cities is gathered from trusted and reputed sources, according to the Gold Returns. One can check the price of the metal in each city using this website.

The price of gold in cities like Mumbai and Pune is slightly higher than the national trend, coming at Rs 49,220 for 10 grams of 22-carat, while one has to pay Rs 50, 220 for 24-carat quality. However, in the national capital of India, Delhi, there is a huge difference between the two qualities. While 22-carat gold costs just Rs 40,070, the price for 24-carat gold is fixed high at Rs 53,520. The trend follows in cities like Jaipur and Lucknow.

Purchasing 22-carat gold in Chennai will cost you a little less than the national average at Rs 48,150. On the other hand, 10 grams of 24-carat gold comes at Rs 52,530.

Check the price for 22-carat gold of 10 grams in the following cities:

Kolkata: Rs 50,510

Bangalore: Rs 47,300

Surat: Rs 49,680

Hyderabad: Rs 47,300

Internationally, the gold price is down by 5.73 USD, accounting to 0.29% decrease. The international price for the yellow metal is 1938.23 USD.

Meanwhile, silver price has taken a huge jump in India, increasing by Rs 2,180 per kg. The cost of silver has increased today to Rs 70,300 from Rs 68,120 yesterday. The metal is the costliest in Chennai, costing Rs 74,100 per kg, while it is the cheapest in Bangalore at just Rs 69,600.